Welcome to my ePortoflio.

Please find information regarding my academic, professional, and global endeavors throughout this site, as well as what makes me, me.


I am a student at McDaniel College in Westminster Maryland. I am currently pursuing a majors in Economics and Environmental Studies with a specialization in Biology and a minor in Writing. I invite you to learn more about me and what I enjoy doing inside and outside of school in my global aspirations, academic ventures, and professional paths.

Molly smiles on a brown horses dressed in white cloth and brown riding tack.
Here I am pictured with my horse, Winsome, after securing a 2nd place finish at the Waredaca Classic Three Day in Laytonsville, MD in October of 2017. C: Mike Smallwood

If you are interested in learning more about me and my horses, and about my equestrian buisness, Black Penny Sport Horses, I encourage you to visit my website for my equestrian endeavors below!

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